Daily illustration challenge: hyacinth macaw

Phew, it’s not even noon yet here in Brighton and I’ve already managed to finish my daily illustration – it does help to get up early – I’ve never been a morning person and I struggle with any kinds of tasks in the morning (even putting a coffee on the hob!) let alone come up with creative ideas or steadily holding a brush…it usually takes me at least three or four ink versions till I’m happy with the drawing.

I continue with the theme of Amazon birds, there are so many varieties ( or there still are so many varieties till we completely destroy their habitat) so it’s an almost inexhaustible source of visual material.

This beautiful bird attracted my attention ( in a book on Amazon forest by Michael Goulding) , especially that striking lapis lazuli-like intense blue, my favourite colour.

I chose a contrasting background to bring out the colour of the bird.

Hyacinth macaw : classified as vulnerable due to the loss of the habitat

hyacinth macaw digital illustration endangered Amazon bird
updated version of the Hyacinth Macaw

…and sketches for the illustration

Hyacinth macaw endangered Amazon bird pencil sketch
updated version of the Hyacinth Macaw

And the inked sketch (drawn over a lightbox)


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