# Where and when were you born?

In 1984, in Krakow , Poland. I don’t remember 1984 of course, but remember as a child putting my hands on the Orwell’s book thinking `oh,how nice, a book about the year I was born in…`

# What are you personal interests and what inspires you?
Films, books…everyday scrap and crap…

# What about your educational past?
I graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a degree in Drawing. I did my foundation at Central St Martins. I have also studied Art History in Vienna.

# What is your preferred style / technique of work?

I love working with ink and watercolours even though they are unforgiving mediums. I work more and more on my laptop these days, just doing a preliminary drawing by hand , scanning it in and adding the rest in Illustrator/Photoshop.

# What sets you apart from other illustrators?

I work in various styles and my work varies not just in style but also ranges from scary chavvy Peckham characters to adorable puppies. And anything in-between.

# How would you sum up your style? 

I have three main styles at the moment:

1. A very clean, pure- vector style, rather flat

2. A very very messy,  inky illustration , with lots of texture hand-drawn, with elements of collage

3….and a third ‘dots and lines’ : I start with a very stylized drawing, with lots of tiny dots and lines added – I use my lightbox a lot to get the dots and lines exactly right. I add colour digitally, either in Photoshop/Illustrator.

# Which project would you like to realise? (your “dream project”)

A feature-length drawn animation based on 1980s Jim Jarmush’es film ‘Permanent Vacation’…it has been niggling me for a long time.

# Why and when did you start making art?

As a child as an angry protest against lack of cable tv in my house.

# If you could have coffee with a famous artist – dead or alive – whom would you choose?

That is a tricky question…I might opt for a bottle of red wine with Caravaggio. Think he’d be great fun to drink with – possibly a dangerous character though !

# Your philosophy / motto?

Sink or swim…? No…’We’re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” (O.Wilde)